Technical Services

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The Technical Services Department aims to equip Officers with technical expertise and ensure robust data informs decision making of the EPA. The department will provide technical services in the form of technical support, guidance and knowledge transfer of technical information on the environment and human health to the sectors of the Environmental Protection Agency. By improving Officers’ technical capacity, the information used to ensure environmental sustainability will be dependable.

Underlying the reporting on SDG goals and the achievement of the goals and objectives of the Green State development Strategy is the requirement for evidence. Evidence can only be provided with the collection and analyses of robust data. It is the intention of Technical Services to address the shortfall of data gathering and analyses at the Agency. The Technical Services department will therefore: 

  1. Investigate complaints where the source of the pollutant is unknown and occurs outside the scope of the EPA sectors, for example; fish kill.
  2. Conduct all necessary activities in the authorisation of projects involving radiation sources, water wells and long-term noise Permits for projects not otherwise authorised
  3. Develop, analyse and interpret data.
  4. Review and develop sector specific policies and technical Standard Operation Procedures.
  5. Support the sectors in the review of EIA’s.
  6. Respond to EPA Sectors to answer queries and provide information, on Environmental Management Plans (EMP), Water, Air Quality, Ecological and Human Health Risk, and Analysis and interpretation of information and data
  7. Develop a strategic plan for the establishment a laboratory.
  8. Lead special projects generated internally and externally to the EPA, in the areas of radiation, plastics and ground water protection